Poarch Training Systems

Executive Coaching

Optimize your Potential!

In order to successfully lead an organisation or team it requires continuous reflection and supervision. I have supported individuals to following subjects:

  • Strategic management - future management
  • Personal development - career planning
  • Strategic HR development
  • Crisis intervention
  • Repositioning employees
  • Talent management
  • Resolving conflicts internal/external
  • Leadership
  • Increasing team efficiency
  • Work-/Life-Balance
  • Stress- / Burnout prevention
  • Job - calling/vocation


Coaching with Maria Poarch:

12 years of coaching and consulting expertise and valuable life and work experience are basis of her work. Maria Poarch supports you in searching for solutions, motion, action, change. She coaches individuals - who have responsibility or who want to reach out to others and motivate - entrepreneurs, leaders, managers as well as trainers, coachs and consultants. With here international background and experience in business and life as well as disposing of a high intuition, she brings out your potential and develops it to top performance.

Maria has a distinctive view upon things and adjusts to your current situation fastly in order to initiate change - she asks the right questions, enforces strengths, transforms weaknesses into strengths with you and works on solution which are taylor-made for you. "I find it quite interesting to see by giving impulses people give themselves the answer". In coaching processes with Maria Poarch you accelerate your abilities and transform your weaknesses into strengths. Your goals become reachable quickly.

Transformation and success building guaranteed!

You want to book Maria Poarch? Please contact her here:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: +49 (0)172.714 61 00.